Ross Nichols Nuinn

Ross bought a small piece of woodland after the War, in Hambleden, South Buckinghamshire. There he erected three wooden huts, and dug a bathing pool, and would go, with a few friends or on his own, to lead the outdoor life inspired, perhaps, by John Hargraves book Lonecraft. A number of his watercolours show that he spent his time there painting, as well as undoubtedly hiking, reading and writing. In addition, it provided the privacy required for his own personal naturist sanctuary. Naturism, or nudism as it was sometimes called, formed part of the complex of alternative philosophies of the day, such as pacifism and vegetarianism also embraced by Ross - and it fitted perfectly with his belief in the need to develop a closer connection with Nature.

For articles on Druidry and Naturism and archive photographs of Spielplatz, the Utopian Naturist community Ross joined in the 1930s See Naturism & Druidism.

Painting by R. Nichols


Photo of Nuinn's wood in Hambleden, Buckinghamshire